DC Comics Robot Chicken Variant Covers

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DC Comics is offering some variant covers with artwork from the TV show Robot Chicken! Robot Chicken has always paid homage to some of our favorite popular culture, it’s cool to see them get recognized in return! What do you think of the covers? Check them out below!

March 5: Action Comics No. 29, Detective Comics No. 29, Earth 2 No. 21
March 12: Batgirl No. 29, Batman No. 29, Green Lantern Corps No. 29, Justice League of America No. 13, Nightwing No. 29, Superman/Wonder Woman No. 6
March 19: Batman & Two-Face No. 29, Batwoman No. 29, Green Lantern: New Guardians No. 29, Harley Quinn No. 4, Justice League No. 29, Wonder Woman No. 29
March 26: Aquaman No. 29, Batman/Superman No. 9, The Flash No. 29, Justice League DarkNo. 29, Superman No. 29, Teen Titans No. 29
April 2: Forever Evil No. 7

Aquaman-29-a-bcb4e Batman-29-a80d7 Earth2-21-3408b Flash-29-587af Forever-Evil-7-9ed76 Harley-Quinn-4-59a62



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