Hidden Gem of the Week: Zack and Miri Make a Porno


Every Wednesday, Geeky Freaky will be giving due propers to an unappreciated or underseen film, either geeky (involving genre conventions like scifi, fantasy, superheroes, educational concepts or horror) or freaky (involving kink conventions like bondage, polyamory, sex workers, or sexual revolutionaries) in nature. This week we’re getting off with Zack And Miri Make a Porno. 2008’s Zack […]

Things You Realize When You Re-Watch “Batman and Robin”

Batman and Robin 05

When you think of the worst superhero movies ever made, Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin is usually close to the top of the shit list, beaten only by Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four, Warner Bros. Jonah Hex, and Marvel Studios Iron Man 2. Despite being a financial success, Batman and Robin has a meager 12% on Rotten Tomatoes. But like any piece of art, […]

Geeky Freaky Spotlight: Mia Morte


Geeky Freaky had the opportunity to nerd out with a true Jack-of-all-trades in geek subculture, Mia Morte. A professional makeup artist, sideshow performer, and burlesque dancer with a penchant for all things horror, Morte is both everywhere, yet almost impossible to keep track of. She recently gave film legend Clu Gulager a lap dance at an 80s horror […]