Cosplay Erotica – Saintly Shaundi


Cosplay Erotica rarely hits the mark for me, but I like this set of Shaundi from Saints Row 4. Since the game was actually set in a digital version of our world, the high processed digital look of these images actually make sense in context of the theme instead of distracting from it. i like […]

Veidt – Kitty Kat Eve


This set is a continuation from an older set Veidt shot with Eve as Catwoman. I really like her Catwoman energy and poses, and the dramatic lighting against her curves in this set, although Veidt does tend to reuse characters a lot. He has some really cool night shots of her in this outfit as […]

Geek Goddess – Mass Erect


Hey guys, sorry for the long break in posts in our 18+ section, we’re back to following all of the sexy geeky pages and today is going to be covering the latest work from each of them! Let’s start with the always fabulous Kassandra Leigh Purcell of GeekGoddess cosplaying from Mass Effect. I am particularly […]