Veidt – Kat the Cat


Veidt is a new website to join our roster. Apparently it is a site that has been around for quite some time and has a rather large following, although I had not been familiar with it previously. Veidt had actually bought a few cosplays from me that he has used on his models and tracked […]

Cosplay Deviants – Green and Red


Cosplay Deviants have put up a very sexy set of Melissa Drew as Poison Ivy. It looks like Cosplay Deviants is finally starting to do some slightly more erotic stuff and accepting some more adult poses. I really like the high saturation in these photos and even though the set is simple it complements the […]

Geek Goddess – Multipass


The latest update on Geek Goddess features the debut from model Nora. Fifth Element is one of my all time favorite movies and Leeloo one of my favorite characters. I’ve seen this costume done a lot of times but she’s got some of the best looking suspenders I’ve seen. She’s got beautiful milky skin that […]

Erotic Fandom – Fangirl


BlueBlood‘s Erotic Fandom graces us with another new update featuring Scarlet Starr. You might remember her as our Cosplaymate of the Month for April. This time around, Scarlett shows off her collection of Hack/Slash memorabilia (her favorite comic). I love that BlueBlood showcases the models as they truly are, and that Scarlett really exemplifies how […]

Amazing Pixel-Retro Cyberpunk Music Video


The latest in the line of cyberpunk resurgence is this kick ass, retro-future pixelated masterpiece from Finnish band Perturbator. The music video is directed by Jarkko Kinnunen & Sami Rämä. The track comes from the retro-futuristic synth wizard’s third album “Dangerous Days,” to be released June 17th, 2014 via Blood Music. The music video itself is a […]

Adrianne Curry, Cosplay Avenger


Via Adrianne Curry Adrianne Curry, winner of America’s Next Top Model and certified card carrying geek girl, proves herself as even more of a badass this past weekend at Comic Con. I’ve had the pleasure of running into Adrianne at events, and she’s always super pleasant, beautiful, and looks kick ass in whatever geeky ensemble […]